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Most car purchases require a loan. Many of the higher-end cars like Maseratis and Porsches are leased.

Short of paying with cash, you are going to need excellent credit before you can drive away in a new vehicle. You may need at least average credit just to be approved for a new car loan or lease.

In all cases, poor credit will prevent you from getting what you want.

In most states, insurance companies offer their lowest rates to the most reliable and responsible clients. A good credit score is one of the criteria they use to determine if you are a good risk.

Unfortunately, those with poor credit, from individuals to entire low income neighborhoods, are those that pay the highest possible rates for car insurance.

Most employers look at credit history in their background checks. A great credit score is one way of proving accountability. A bad score can be a red flag.

Credit scores can give you a significant edge in just about any higher income occupation, from New York to Silicon Valley.

Figures below are typical across America, from some random date, and just meant to help compare rates for good verses bad credit, and the long-term cost.

Add an extra zero to all dollar figures for home buyers in major cites and locations such as Silicon Valley.

How Your Credit Score Impacts Interest Rates And Payments
APR Monthly
760–850 4.17% $975 $150,833
700–759 4.392% $1,001 $160,208
680–699 4.569% $1,022 $167,771
660–679 4.783% $1,047 $177,020
640–659 5.213% $1,100 $195,938
620–639 5.759% $1,168 $220,584
  • If your score changes to 700-759, you might pay an extra $9,375.
  • If your score changes to 680-699, you might pay an extra $16,938.
  • If your score changes to 660-679, you might pay an extra $26,187.
  • If your score changes to 640-659, you might pay an extra $45,105.
  • If your score changes to 620-639, you might pay an extra $69,751.

New Credit prepares members for their home purchase goals as part of our long-term credit planning. That starts with strategic credit services, before implementing our program for building credit to be better qualified when ready.

Our goal: To not just buy a home... but buy a bigger and/or better new house. Maybe build your own?

Credit affects every aspect of your life.

Unless you are independently wealthy, and able to buy homes and cars with cash, you need credit. The better your credit status, the better terms for every dollar you ever borrow.

No credit is as bad as bad credit, and can take many years to grow. You pay the most, or fail to qualify for rentals, credit cards, new jobs, car insurance, mortgages and more.

We begin with education and evaluation. From there, we develop and execute a strategic plan to help build a solid financial foundation that makes for greater opportunities and fewer debt and credit issues, for the rest of your life.

New Credit will evaluate your credit status, and create a strategic plan for the short and long term. We pay particularly close attention to urgent situations such as a pending home purchase.

Any dispute process may take a few months, up to a year or more. We have strategies to expedite problem cases.

When the timing is right, we will begin building new lines of credit. This process is continuous, and together with credit education and planning, meant to last a lifetime.

No... Credit monitoring involves researching the offering for sale of your personal data, with insurance to pay for any recovery after the fact. Credit monitors do NOT prevent identity theft. They warn you after confirming that your specific identity is being listed on the "Dark Web" (the underground Internet).

Let New Credit remove any doubt.

Your personal data, including name and social security number, have been stolen from one source after the next, throughout your life. We can all but guarantee that your data is available to any and all buyers through a volume of criminal elements, from lowlife individuals to organized crime syndicates operating online markets comparable to eBay.

New Credit manages everything on a long-term basis, from building credit to mitigating threats that pop up randomly (such as ID theft).

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Credit Cards are certainly a viable option, with easy "cash on demand."

An important note to consider: If the money you need totals more than 29% of your available line of credit, expect to lower your credit score. The higher the percentage, the lower your score, at least until you pay off the amount above 29%.

Our solution: Credit Building

As part of our long-term credit planning and management, we will persistently and continuously pursue higher available levels of credit.

Beware of the path of least resistance: "Cash Advance"

It is all but a legal form of extortion.

You will pay a significant percentage of the funds in an up-front fee, and the maximum possible interest rate!

For many cards, when you make a payment that is greater than your minimum payment, those funds repay the cash advance money first, regardless of other spending dates.

It may be smart to check with your credit card company BEFORE you take a cash advance. Ask for a clear and full explanation of your costs. If you have more than one card, which you would through our Credit Building service, you could choose the account with the best terms.

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