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The New Credit Company

Goals: To have all collection accounts resolved by the end of 2017. To have my score up to 750 by June of 2018.

I feel like I have a lot of credit card debit with high balances. How can I raise my credit enough to qualify for a loan to consolidate some of this credit card debt into a loan with a lower interest rate, and is this the best option?

I've noticed most of my negative remarks on my reports are due to student loans; however these have been in deferment. How long will those negative marks be on there, and is there any way of resolving those? I notices there are some incorrect addresses on my credit reports. Will this affect my score?

I've been working at repairing my credit for the past few years by paying collections etc. I feel like new collection accounts just keep showing up and my score never goes up, like I'm fighting a losing battle. I truly hope you can help me!



You guys are awesome!

Thank you

P. A.

I can't begin to express my gratitude. I've been in a battle with my credit score for years due to economic downturn of the real estate crash in 2009. I've paid for many different credit service companies who promised they would help my situation, and all I was given was false hope.

Then... everything changed! My score was in the low 600s and within 60 days, my score went to 800! [You] worked with me hand-in-hand until I reach my credit score goals!

B. B.

I have just been soaking this in since Monday and I honestly can not believe the work you have been doing for me. I reached out to you all because I needed even more help with my Credit because of a situation that I am in. You put a plan together for me. This plan has worked better than I ever could imagine and when I saw these results I almost wanted to Cry, and I don't cry for anything. Here are some of the results, My credit score has gone up 202 points in 11 DAYS!!!

I'll say it again My Credit score has gone up 202 points in 11 day. I just can not put my feelings right now into words. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you and I have really been blessed. I am so excited and grateful for all of you I really am and I look so forward to meeting you all!


I love the Graduate Program! [You] worked so hard to help me get my credit score where it needed to be so I could buy my dream home, and I cannot thank them enough! The grad program is an awesome way to stay on top of my new score. I know I can reach out for help and answers anytime, and that means the world to me! Glad I joined every day!


After my divorce and everything that went along with it, I was in a bad place. My credit was basically ruined. [You] got me back on track and helped clean up the mess. Now that I have an improved score and a plan, I'm working every month on building a new life with a better score. I'm sooo thankful and glad to be a graduate! I love you guys!!

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