The New Credit Company

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The New Credit Company

If you have experience in Consumer Credit Services, send a brief note and resume or LinkedIn profile: work@newcredit.co

Please: No Calls.

Credit Dispute Management (Remote)

Show us what you can do with credit disputes.

Advanced skills are needed. Not just cookie cutter templates.

The websites of former employers will tell us a lot.

Credit Industry Customer Service (Remote)

Share your Credit experience.

We need excellent phone skills and a great rapport with customers.

English is required. Common foreign language skills appreciated.

A Disruptive New Credit Services Organization & The First Of Its Kind Employee Benefit
For Enterprise Businesses and Smaller Corporate Benefit Plans

Call or send a brief note to EmployeeBenefitPlans@NewCredit.co to introduce your staff to the first new innovation to disrupt the employee benefits industry in many years.