Urgent Cases

The New Credit Company

Most people pay little to no attention to their credit status until they start shopping for a new home or car, or other big ticket item. Then, their needs become urgent.

The New Credit Company

Note that as of 2020, because we manage every account as soon as possible, we are discontinuing our "Urgent Priority" services.
Years of work dictate that there is not enough of a change to warrant extra costs or speed due to the random nature of reporting dates of three different credit bureaus.

The only potential for faster results involves the possible use of Credit Card Authorized User strategies for building credit on a case by case basis.

Immediate Response

Our Credit Planning service means we are staying ready for an immediate response to any threat, including the sudden need to qualify for a loan.

Fast Review & Fast Action

Our services start with a fast investigation involving all three credit reports, and a strategic plan of attack. We'll follow through with disputes and other actions intended to improve credit scores to a minimum required level, and reach specified loan application thresholds. This is a key situation for Authorized Users.

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