Authorized Users

The New Credit Company

Authorized User Strategies are a Win-Win Option for Both, Bad Credit and Good Credit.

The New Credit Company

The faster you need your score to go up, or it needs a significant climb, or both, the better this option becomes.
Like fingerprints, everyone has a unique credit profile. It may cost up to a few thousand dollars over a couple or three months.

That's not much if you're trying to qualify for a new home mortgage of any value, or buying a nice car.

The cost of bad credit: interest rates can be several times higher if yours is below average.

Authorized Providers

Members may earn valuable dividends for their good credit as an Authorized Provider.

New Credit manages the turn-key process from beginning to end.

Payments are sent soon after the User Term is completed.

The provider must guarantee their good credit status during the process.

We Only Accept Current Clients

Our Authorized User program is a valuable strategy. We manage tradelines for both sides. The "Authorized Provider," and the "Authorized User."

To qualify, current membership is required before you may participate.

We have significant insight into our members' character and creditworthiness. The vetting and selection process for our Providers.

Authorized Users

To compliment our work on your credit reports, and expedite improvements to your credit score for urgent loan problems, you may opt to use our Authorized User strategies.

We'll match you with our well-qualified Authorized Providers.

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