Complex Services

The New Credit Company

A Financial crisis can come up at any time. medical issues, business matters, or even criminal acts can lead to major money problems.

The New Credit Company

Debt and credit nightmares are often a lasting effect.
It's times like these that prove just how invaluable it is to have a trusted credit advocate protecting your legal rights.

New Credit will do whatever we can to minimize the impact.

For really complicated issues, we treat them like "emergency services" that require some sort of additional costs based on complexity and volume to help cover the large labor expense.

Premiums like these help keep the standard costs for all members at a minimum.


Personal credit is as unique as a fingerprint. We have no idea what we are working with until we see the three credit reports and all accompanying account documents.

In all cases, any cost is discounted through group membership, with a temporary premium during the start of a long-term credit planning program.

Please Note:
You will know costs BEFORE any work begins.

We are able to manage credit services, while avoiding the most costly targets in your particular case.

More importantly, there may be no legal justification for removing some items in any given credit report.

Single incidents of medical expenses, bankruptcy, foreclosure or late mortgage payments are fairly routine.

When everything unravels at once, some experience all of the above, with rolling late payments, multiple collection efforts and other resulting damage.

If yours is a "complex case," you are likely very aware of that fact, and eager for expert intervention.

Our efforts might have some immediate effects. But, it takes time to heal, and New Credit will work with you over the long term. It's not uncommon to take one or two years or more for a measurable recovery.

We'll do our best to improve what we can as fast as we can, begin reestablishing your good credit, and get you back to your life.

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