Authorized Resellers

The New Credit Company

New Credit was Established and Cultivated to Provide Bespoke, Long-Term Credit Planning To the Clients of financial Professionals, and for the first time ever, Employee Benefit Plans.

The New Credit Company

New Credit partners with financial professionals to manage the credit issues of their clients.
When you recognize the need, we help get a client's credit where it should be to qualify for a new home mortgage or car loan. Through refinancing, we free up cash for investment. We are revolutionizing "Financial Wellness" for employees and benefit plan providers.

Reseller fees are paid for the life of the account.

Agent (Standard Reseller Plan)

An Agent is noted in their client's New Credit Agreement.

Minimal personal data is shared with the agent.

We keep agents appraised with generic progress updates for each client's credit status, including meeting credit goals and objectives.

This account relationship offers the least effort, obligations, compliance and liability.

Call us to initiate a dedicated account for managing your clients.

When they are ready, you refer your clients to our Start Page. They begin their case by sending an email that validates their contact data. We respond with a set of compliance documents and go from there.

Credit Evaluation >> Credit Education >> Credit Services >> Credit Building >> Long-Term Credit Management

Account Manager (Reseller w/ Power of Attorney)

Permission to participate in the case, and exchange personal client data is noted in the client's New Credit Agreement.

Your initial effort is to collect all of the files and information we need to initiate your client's case. Then, New Credit manages everything from there.

We'll delete or correct strategic personal data in each credit report, that is incorrect, outdated, or otherwise eligible for dispute, with the goal of maximizing credit status and leaving the least possible information for the credit bureaus to sell. We manage the entire process, defending clients' legal rights through any threat that jeopardizes their financial future.

Account Managers have full access to each client's credit case folder.

A Disruptive New Credit Services Organization & The First Of Its Kind Employee Benefit
For Enterprise Businesses and Smaller Corporate Benefit Plans

Call or send a brief note to to introduce your staff to the first new innovation to disrupt the employee benefits industry in many years.